Walking: A Lost Art

“Put down that phone! Let go of the remote! Leave that book! Take your eyes off the television! Turn off the computer!”

Photo credit: Karsten Seiferlin

Photo credit: Karsten Seiferlin

All of a sudden, my brain screams at me to do all of that at the same time. And surprisingly, I listen. Then, I am confused. What am I supposed to do? What is there for me? A suggestion pops up telling me to go outside and just walk. No cars or any form of transportation needed but my legs.

After I get out of home, on 10th step, I notice it is already past noon. Seeing a familiar face, I wave and talk to my neighbour for a moment before I am embraced by the sight of the sun. However, it is unbearably hot. Do I really need to do this? Why leave the comfort of my home and start sweating like a pig? Studies did showed that walking is good for the heart. No, that isn’t the cause of why I am out. Do I really need a reason? Anyway, I continue walking.

On my 100th step, I am at a sidewalk seeing cars zoom by me like I was just a speck of dust, unimportant to anyone. More cars pass by, treating me like I am nothing again and again. My pace is definitely slower than these cars but I am greeted with things I didn’t noticed. Each house is decorated beautifully. Some are filled with greenery that gives me more than fresh air and the others have intricate exterior designs fit for a king. Taking all these in, I continued walking.

Going for my 1,000th step, I realise how tired my legs are. How did I become so weak compared to the times when I was just a child? That time, I ran as if I am filled with limitless energy. Looking at myself, I feel ashamed. So, I took a seat resting my rediscovered muscles. Then, the sight I see disgusts me. An abandoned building filled with stale water. Years ago, important people promised new opportunities and it seemed that those were just empty words. Keeping that in mind, I stood up and continued walking.

Reaching my 10,000th step, I am in the middle of a park. Despite the size of the park, it is completely empty. There is no one to appreciate the art drawn on the wall. Even worse is seeing those empty swings not moving at all. Why isn’t anyone playing here? Is it because it is far from housing areas? But I realised it didn’t took me too long to arrive at the park. Seems that everyone else rather sit at home looking at screens after screens instead of enjoying the outdoors. I was trapped like that too but a sudden understanding creeps to me.

Walking is a lost art.

Knowing this, I feel at ease. From now on, taking a brief walk outside will be part of my life. Throughout that short walk, I see different things and discover new surroundings. At the same time, I can feel different emotions running through me with each thing that I see giving me some sort of visual impact. It makes me think and not because I have to but because I can. Seems that my home is far away from where I am but no hurry. Maybe I will make a few detours before heading home.

By walking, I have memories of something I did instead of something fake that I just watched.